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Timur Kulibayev: "The priority for NCE is to protect the rights and legitimate interests of business"

In the light of the Address of the President of Kazakhstan NCE had to do a lot of work in the current year Not only to protect, but also to…

Our affair

Could be left without land

Entrepreneurs from Mamlyut District, who could not get the land plot, which he was due to get after winning the competition, had to address to the Business Ombudsman An...


New perspectives for business

"The Address of the President of the country opens up a new horizon of opportunities for the development of domestic business", - says the director of LLP "EMIREYT"...

Advisors on the market
Almaty Region
More than 400 entrepreneurs received advice The Chamber of entrepreneurs launched the campaign "Mobile Consultant". Employees of the department...
Complaints are different, interests are common
Kostanay Region
The Chamber of entrepreneurs strengthens cooperation with prosecutor’s office and the Department of Civil Service The deputy director of the...
Lazzat Chinkisbaeva: "Consultative and advisory bodies are not for formality and tick in the box"
Almaty Region
A number of akims were told to ensure presence of 50% of entrepreneurs in CAB Participation of entrepreneurs in the consultative and advisory bodies...
Development of human capital as a priority direction of the third modernization of the country
City of Almaty
The main provisions of President's Address were discussed at the trade union center of Almaty The participants of the Conference of the trade union...



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