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Dairy stories

Within 3 years it is planned to expand the network of milk collection points through concessional lending in Kazakhstan

Our affair

Did the hospital make a mistake?

After signing the contract the city hospital recognized procurements invalid


Women of the two countries, unite!

In the North-Kazakhstan region was held International Forum of Women of border areas

Tourism business doesn’t need registration?
Almaty Region
Problems of local tourism development were discussed in Taldykorgan
"Senior Professionals": the mutual exchange of experience
Kyzylorda Region
Foreign specialists not only teach local entrepreneurs the tricks of doing business, but they themselves take over our experience
The invention as a business
Almaty Region
Young scientists are urged to engage in entrepreneurship
How to create a national brand?
City of Almaty
Almaty businessmen were urged to take an active part in the development of branded products



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