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Not an easy life of Kazakhstan's light industry

While Turkish and other foreign manufacturers of light industry products successfully place their goods in the large shopping centers of Kazakhstan due to subsidies from their...

Our affair

Fraud related to “calves”, which were supposedly sent for slaughter

A rural entrepreneur could not almost for a year receive a grant for thoroughbred bull because of a fault of a specialist of a state owned municipal enterprise


September: 10 Steps for Entrepreneurship Development

On 9th of September  2016  the Head of State named the development of mass entrepreneurship and increase of employment as one of the main priorities in the work...

To sell a product or to "sell" yourself, where to start?
City of Almaty
Experts told about modern sales methods
Vladimir Aksenov: "We produce reliable goods at a competitive price"
East-Kazakhstan Region
A condenser plant operates for more than 50 years in East Kazakhstan – it is a major manufacturer of condensation equipment at the international...
To raise a billionaire
Aktobe Region
A free project for training the basics of business was launched for high school students
We just need to legalize
West Kazakhstan Region
Spontaneous markets should be moved to modern shopping centers



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