Our affair

Fraud related to “calves”, which were supposedly sent for slaughter

19 January 2017 - Kostanay Region

A rural entrepreneur could not almost for a year receive a grant for thoroughbred bull because of a fault of a specialist of a state owned municipal enterprise

You get a double fine!

18 January 2017 - Pavlodar Region

Experts of the regional Chamber forced abolition of illegally accrued penalty on the entrepreneur

Helped to return the debt
20 December 2016 - Akmola Region
Resolution of all issues
12 December 2016 - Zhambyl Region
Did the hospital make a mistake?
05 December 2016 - Almaty Region
The result is obvious!
24 November 2016 - West Kazakhstan Region
Register the transaction properly and sleep well!
18 October 2016 - North-Kazakhstan Region
Won the competition, but didn’t receive a land plot
16 September 2016 - North-Kazakhstan Region
Helped to offset the costs
15 September 2016 - Akmola Region
There is no need in an invoice!
09 September 2016 - Akmola Region
Fault was not proved
05 September 2016 - Almaty Region
Guarding the rights of entrepreneurs
24 August 2016 - North-Kazakhstan Region
Bureaucratic problems
22 August 2016 - Akmola Region