In its activities the Arbitration Centre is guided by the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Law "On International Commercial Arbitration", "On arbitration courts" and other legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as the Rules of the Arbitration Centre (hereinafter - Regulations), approved by the Governing Board of the Centre in November 2014.
Currently in Kazakhstan there are two types of arbitration: International - carried out by international arbitration, and internal - conducted by arbitral tribunals. The activity of one is regulated by the law "On International Commercial Arbitration", and the activity of another by the Law "On arbitration courts".
Trust in institutions of alternative dispute resolution is stipulated not only by the nature of their activities, but by the choice of specific arbitrators by the parties, ensuring real independence.
The Arbitration Centre is headed by an experienced lawyer, PhD Askar Kaldybayev.