The professional community of accountants appeared in Karaganda

17 January 2017 - Karaganda Region

Accountants of the whole region can take part in the meetings of the Club of accountants 

Who likes to go to visit businessmen?

17 January 2017 - City of Almaty

Entrepreneurs are dissatisfied with WhatsApp reports, accrued points for violations and increased number of inspections 

Staffing needs – is a common cause
17 January 2017 - East-Kazakhstan Region
RCE of EKR and Almaty region organized interregional cooperation in...
Inspections stifle the business
17 January 2017 - East-Kazakhstan Region
Requirements for entrepreneurs are often overwhelming, and at times absurd,...
And this is just the beginning
17 January 2017 - West Kazakhstan Region
More than 20 million tenge were returned to business through...
Colleges do not need theorists
16 January 2017 - Almaty Region
30 teachers underwent training at enterprises in the past year
From neck to rump: Meat interest of Permian business
16 January 2017 - Kostanay Region
Businessmen from Perm offer assistance in the sale of Kostanay...
Endless marathon for state services
16 January 2017 - Kostanay Region
Businessmen asked to implement the issuance of phyto-sanitary and veterinary...
Risk – is a profitable business
16 January 2017 - Akmola Region
The town of Stepnyak opened a new café with the...
Association of tourism was created in the region
13 January 2017 - Aktobe Region
The organization aims to become a bridge between travel agencies...
Kumys – is a collective business, it also requires a scientific approach
12 January 2017 - Zhambyl Region
Association of kumys producers was established in the region Manufacturers...
Rural business needs support
12 January 2017 - Aktobe Region
Палата предпринимателей области подвела итоги деятельности районных филиалов за 2016...
Customs will return VAT
11 January 2017 - Karaganda Region
The tax authority will return the company "Izoplyus Central Asia"...
"If we continue to put "pressure" on business like this, everyone will have problems!"
11 January 2017 - Kostanay Region
The phrase resonance among the participants of the meeting, at...