Arbitration Center

Pursuant to the Law "On the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs" on July 21, 2014 under the auspices of NCE was formed the Center of arbitration and arbitration proceedings (hereinafter - the Arbitration Center), about which the message was directed to the United Nations, as provided for in Article 10 of the European Convention "On International Commercial Arbitration", of which Kazakhstan is the part of. Further, the Permanent Mission of Kazakhstan to the United Nations send a letter dated by September 11, 2014 reporting that "functions set forth in Article 4 of the European Convention are executed by the Arbitration Centre of the National Chamber of entrepreneurs of our country.

Thus, countries, which joined the convention, including Kazakhstan, have been made aware of the status and competence of the authorized body - the Arbitration Center of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs.

According to the rules of the UNCITRAL Model Law 1985 (approved by the UN General Assembly by the Resolution dated by December 11, 1985) and the European Convention, the court or authorized agency decides issues related to the appointment of an arbitrator, a permanent arbitration, establish its jurisdiction, the formation of the arbitrators in cases where parties - the plaintiff and the defendant can not reach an agreement on issues.

Arbitration Center of NCE RK is headed by the experienced lawyer of, PhD Zhumabai Shamshiev. The center employs two retired judges of the Supreme Court, Deputy Secretary General of the center (Ph.D.), and the executive secretary are lawyers, knowing three languages. Their experience can effectively address issues related to the dispute between economic entities.

The roster of arbitrators of the Centre includes highly qualified arbitrators with appropriate education, certifications, extensive experience in the field of arbitration, which are both citizens of Kazakhstan and foreigners.

Based on the principles of accessibility, fairness and simplification of procedures, the Arbitration Center aims to effective adjudication, so that it was convenient and acceptable, especially for entrepreneurs, so that their claims were considered not only as soon as possible and, most importantly, objectively, fairly by experienced professionals.

Also, the Center provides professional legal advice and assistance in resolving the dispute by any alternative methods of dispute resolution (mediation, conciliation, etc.) chosen by the parties.

For convenience for business and saving them time were created offices in major cities and industrial centers. Currently operate offices in Almaty and Atyrau.



The Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana city, Yesil district, st. D. Kunaev, 8, block "B"

17th Floor, Suite 1721

Phone: 8 (7172) 919-382, 919 381